No Cause For Concern

from by Rogues Among Us



I tried hard
To achieve
Things that didn't quite pan out
So hard
To believe
I'll never land where I set out

I'm not thinking about suicide
Still value every breath I take, and all the friends still by my side
I'm just waiting on some good times
Been thinkin 'bout the past, wishing I could change all the wrong to right.

Count the hours till the sunrise
I'm still waiting on some kinda light.

I just can't
This life feels like it's on repeat
And I'm stuck
To this seat
Flipping through commercials on TV

But I'm addicted to this kinda life
The liquor in my cup, guitar, and giving up on all my dreams
I might be thinking about suicide
But there's no cause for concern because the rope and knife are out of reach.

Count the hours till the sunrise
I'm still waiting on some kinda light.

I've been thinking bout it...

We have
In life
Are a few dreams and a little time
It's not too soon
To try
I wish I'd started sooner on mine

Now I'm fantasizing about suicide
And the freedom it might bring, but it's another way to waste my time
Cause I'm addicted to this state of mind
I'm climbing up the walls, disintegrating with the passing time

I've been thinking bout it
I've been thinking bout it
But I'll find a way to stick it out somehow...


from Analysis Paralysis EP, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Rogues Among Us Houston, Texas

Rogues Among Us is a Houston, TX based band with a progressive rock sound. A brew of powerful dissonance, alluring melodies and sublime harmonies will take you on a journey of raw emotion as you tune in to songs full of the true and telling lyrics of Rogues Among Us. With songs full of passion and soul at the core, RAU is sure to leave you wanting more after every listen. ... more

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